Annyalla chicks Ltd, produce day-old chicks for the broiler poultry market we are the only independent hatchery in the UK, this is a highly specialised product that has to be closely monitored and tracked through the 3 week cycle from egg entering the hatchery to the end product which is the day old broiler chick.

There are strict guidelines and procedures that must be followed and maintained to ensure the highest welfare levels at all steps of the process.

Annyalla chicks Ltd are fully accredited by the British Assured Chicken standard agency, by Tesco/M&S and comply with all other EU regulations within the industry. This is also the case with all egg supply farms, full traceability back from parent stock is available for every chick that leaves the hatchery.

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    We provide our land owners and farmers with the security they need to invest in sustainable poultry farming methods.

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  • Operation Mechanism

    We are an integrated agricultural business with rearing, breeding, hatching and growing operations throughout the UK.

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  • Poultry Investment

    We maintain an active policy of seeking land for poultry development and are always interested in hearing from land owners and investors.

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