HatchCare enters United Kingdom with Annyalla Chicks

17 Nov 2017

From left to right: John Mawer, owner Annyalla Chicks UK Ltd, Michiel van Veldhuisen, International Sales Manager HatchTech and Jonathan Martin Operations Director Annyalla Chicks UK Ltd

HatchTech continues the global roll-out of HatchCare by constructing a new turnkey hatchery for Annyalla Chicks in Boston, United Kingdom. The UK is the 10th country in which this Hatcher with light, feed and water will be implemented.

Annyalla Chicks currently runs independent hatchery operations in Ireland and the UK. They are now expanding their operations in the UK by completely refurbishing an existing building to operate a HatchCare hatchery with early feeding.

The initial investment covers the complete unique HatchTech concept with 18 HatchTech MicroClimer Setters, 3 HatchCare units (including light, feed and water), and heating, cooling and ventilation equipment. In the first phase, the plant will produce 30 million day-old HatchCare chicks per year. The refurbished building, which will enable Annyalla to extend several times in order to scale up production, will become operational in May 2018.

“Since the introduction of HatchTech’s HatchCare concept a number of years ago I’ve watched with interest its development and visited a number of HatchCare hatcheries worldwide to see first hand the benefits it could bring to our own operations. The evidence I have seen brings improvement in many areas including improved hatching results, technical performance at broiler level and reduced medication requirements to name but a few, but undoubtedly the biggest attraction for us is the much improved welfare it will bring to our chickens.” says John Mawer, owner of Annyalla UK. “These reference visits, combined with transparent, fact-based discussions, made this an easy decision as we look towards our future. We’re confident that early feeding is the correct direction for Annyalla to be going and will make a major contribution to our own operations and those of our customers.”

“In today’s poultry industry, everyone in the poultry chain is naturally looking to maximize Return on Investment,” says Michiel van Veldhuisen, International Sales Manager at HatchTech. “This is generated mainly on the basis of superior chick quality, which in turn can be achieved by mobilising the animals’ genetic potential. At the same time, we’re seeing increasing pressure from public opinion for unconditional attention to be paid to animal welfare, antibiotic-free (ABF) production and 100% transparency. In this context, we’re proud to be able to provide Annyalla Chicks with all the benefits of early feeding, such as improved welfare conditions, undisrupted development of the birds and better technical performance at broiler farm level.”

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