What we offer

We pioneer breeding and farming standards in the development of higher welfare chickens

Working with many poultry investors and land owners in the UK, local farming remains at our heart. We provide you with the security needed to invest in sustainable poultry farming methods. Our agriculture focus helps ensure a strong and sustainable supply of fresh, high quality and locally farmed poultry.

  • Pre-Construction

    Our expert budget team calculate a total turn key cost and your annual returns
    We in conjunction with our chosen building manufacturer prepare the drawings and specifications with options in mind for future sustainable enhancements.
    We provide you with a fully integrated service at every stage of the planning process

  • Post Planning

    The Schedule
    Once the plans have been approved we produce an itemised build schedule
    The Build
    The build of your poultry sheds start, with particular focus on efficient resource consumption.
    The Delivery
    Within 6 months your poultry sheds are up and running, you receive payment every month.

  • Site Management

    The Team
    As soon as your sheds are built we send in a management team to run your investment project for you; from chick/ feed to fuel and energy.
    Health & Safety
    Our poultry farms boast the highest quality control measures. We provide skilled staff and fully equipped hatcheries ensure our customers receive the required health and safety certification of the highest standard.

We are an integrated agricultural business with rearing, breeding, hatching and growing operations throughout the UK.

We have grown to become one of the largest independent hatchery company in the UK and a major player in the UK poultry market.

Our skilled staff and fully equipped hatcheries ensure our customers receive chicks that are of the highest standard. With a quality assurance program utilising all available modern techniques and with a wealth of experience and expertise.

  • Commercial Shed

    4 to 8 Shed
    Idea shed sizes being 66 x 360 Ft ideally located in Lincolnshire or Yorkshire area

  • Breeder Farm Shed

    4 Shed
    80,000 sq. feet ideally situated in Lincolnshire or Yorkshire

  • Rearing Farm Shed

    4 Shed
    80,000 sq. feet ideally situated in Lincolnshire or Yorkshire


Examples of Typical Plans

Improved living conditions for more animal-friendly production

Stronger and healthier day-old chicks

Besides optimizing hatchability, an important aim of our hatchery’s is to deliver perfect day-old chickens. Our chicks hatch under optimum and uniform temperature conditions. At the same time, they are provided with light, feed and water as soon as they hatch. This combination not only results in a system that delivers stronger, healthier chicks but is also a significant step towards more animal-friendly and antibiotic-free poultry production.

  • Egg Tray

    Less stress during handling and selection with no sorting automation needed. Eggs are held in place with the pointed end downward, air chamber always on top which makes it easier for chicks to hatch.

  • Hatching Crate

    Newly-hatched chicks automatically pass into a separate, clean hatching crate. The eggs do not impede the airflow, making it easier for chicks to release unnecessary body heat. Controlled humidity and CO2.

  • Early Feed & Water

    Access to feed and water from the moment the have hatched, reducing the risk of dehydration. Hatch cradle is transport basket, remaining in one environment with minimum risk of cross-contamination.

  • Check

    Early feeding to support optimal development

  • Check

    Fresh water to prevent dehydration

  • Check

    More space and freedom of movement

  • Check

    A quieter and calmer environment

  • Check

    Preserving energy during chick processing

  • Check

    Care all the way through storage and transport

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